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Toronto Style: 10 Signs You’re A Fashionista…

Toronto has a lot of names for itself, and frankly, everyone in the city is totally okay with that. Actually, if you’re from Toronto you LOVE Toronto. Even though the rest of Canada may find you annoying, you don’t care about the haters. At all. Not in the slightest. You know this city has the best #Views. And style, for that matter.

Toronto champions some of the biggest names in fashion. It’s a city that thrives in design and is home to some of the most low-key style stars in the biz, such as DrakeShay Mitchell and Winnie Harlow.

And because of this, we’re making ourselves known as one of the most stylish cities in the world (hey, even Vogue thinks we’re cool).

So what exactly makes up Toronto style? Well for one, luxe but cozy basics that show off our city pride (thanks, Peace Collective!) and of course, anything OVO.

Here are 10 signs you’re a fashionista from Toronto:

1. You live in your Canada Goose coat in the winter


And as we know, that winter is very long.
2. You rock your Hunter boots to the Christmas Market


3. You own at least one item from OVO store


4. You’ve mastered the art of athleisure


Nikes, leggings, oversized Letterman jacket, black baseball cap — you’re good to go.

5. You’ve gone through at least three pairs of Jamie jeans from Topshop


A high-waisted jean? A must. A high-waisted jean that is comfy as hell? YUP

6. You live and die by your white Converse sneakers


And you bet you’re obsessed with keeping them perfectly white all year long

7. Your Toronto sports apparel always adds to your outfit


A Blue Jays hat? A We The North bomber? A Leafs hoodie? A Toronto FC jersey? Toronto gear that always works fashionably into your hometown wardrobe.

8. Your squad looks like this when you go out:

Four Female Friends On Road Trip Standing In Convertible Car
Always on point.

9. You’re never spotted without your Aritzia blanket scarf


Sumo wrestler bun and blanket scarf kinda day ☆

10. And you proudly rock your Toronto vs. Everybody shirt/sweater every chance you get



Do all these and you are so good to go…

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